Area Weather

Sandbridge Beach offers ideal vacation temperatures in the spring, summer and fall season, with a year-round average hovering around 70°. Similar to nearby beaches, the temperatures stay relatively warm in the summer season, with average highs reaching the upper 80s in the summer.

Virginia Beach Average Air Temps by Month:

Spring: 60°- 80° | Summer: 80°- 90° | Fall: 80°- 60° | Winter: 50°- 60°

Month Ave Temp. Month Ave Temp.
Early January Low 50’s Late January Low 50’s
Early February Low 50’s Late February Mid 50’s
Early March Mid 50’s Late March Mid 60’s
Early April Mid 60’s Late April Low 70’s
Early May Low 70’s Late May High 70’s
Early June High 70’s Late June High 80’s
Early July High 80’s Late July High 80’s
Early August High 80’s Late August Mid 80’s
Early September Low 80’s Late September Mid 70’s
Early October Mid 70’s Late October High 60’s
Early November Mid 60’s Late November High 50’s
Early December Mid 50’s Late December Low 50’s

Water Temperatures:

Spring: 50°- 60° | Summer: 70° | Fall: 50°- 60° | Winter: 30°- 40°

Month Ave Water Temp. Month Ave Water Temp.
Early January Mid 30’s Late January High 30’s
Early February High 30’s Late February Mid 40’s
Early March Mid 40’s Late March Low 50’s
Early April Low 50’s Late April Low 60’s
Early May Low 60’s Late May High 60’s
Early June Low 70’s Late June Mid 70’s
Early July Mid 70’s Late July High 70’s
Early August High 70’s Late August Mid 70’s
Early September Mid 70’s Late September High 60’s
Early October Mid 60’s Late October Mid 50’s
Early November Low 50’s Late November High 40’s
Early December Mid 40’s Late December Low 40’s